Find out what your business is worth.

The first step to improving your business is understanding what it is worth today.

Chinook uses a variety of tools to determine your business valuation. One of the tools is The Value Builder System, a scientific methodology proven to increase the value of business through a framework of assessment, action planning and accountability. 

The score is driven by an algorithm that evaluates a company based on eight core value drivers: 

  1. Financial performance
  2. Growth potential
  3. Cash flow strength
  4. Recurring revenue
  5. Concentration of employees, suppliers & customers
  6. Monopoly of control
  7. Customer satisfaction
  8. Dependency of owner


Get your score by clicking the link to the right, this process will take under 10 minutes. (This is a complimentary service)


Completed Report

When you complete your valuation, you will receive a report that shows you:

+ What your business is worth now

+ What your business could be worth in a year

+ How we can get there together

The free business valuation, coupled with our expert advisors, has the ability build your business and ensure a smooth, profitable exit when you’re ready.

Interested in more detail?

Chinook offers full comprehensive business valuations.

When would you need this?

Succession Planning

Plan ahead and weigh the pros and cons through a proper assessment before you make your succession or sale plan.


Moving from a sole proprietorship to a corporation? Our detailed business valuations have all the information you need to proceed.

Partnership Buyouts

What happens when one of your partners wants to sell their share? Buy-sell agreements are made easy with a current valuation.

Understand Your Business

Create a baseline value for your company to know where you stand in the marketplace. Know how far your company has come and how it competes.

Asset Protection

Knowing the real value of your assets allows you to protect it best in the cases of taxes, legal challenges, death or divorce.

Strategize Aquisitions

A business valuation lets you know where you stand now and your company’s potential for growth, including developing strategies for future acquisitions.