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“After connecting with the team at Chinook, we knew we were in the right hands. ”

Derrek, Business Seller

“Keith provided a wealth of skill and experience in structuring a deal and helping negotiate price and terms that were acceptable to me but also met the needs of the sellers.”
Chad Wong
Business Buyer
"Ultimately, they helped close a deal for us that surpassed expectations and provided a foundation for us and the buyer to have a smooth, convivial transition."
Rose & Paul
Business Sellers
“I have worked with Keith and Mike on several business transactions and I have found them to be honest, knowledgeable, and attentive to the needs of both buyer and seller.”
Penny Lehan

I have worked with Chinook on many projects and they are great to work with. Honest, reliable and hard working. Highly recommend.

Rose and Paul
Rose and PaulBusiness Sellers
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When it came time to sell our business, my partner and I knew we wanted professional help. Our expertise was building the business and we wanted help to achieve the best possible sale outcome. We met with other brokers but instantly felt comfortable with, and confidence in, Mike and Keith. They coached us through the necessary steps to prepare the business for sale. We learned we could have enlisted them much earlier to guide us toward our preferred exit strategy. They kept us informed on the progress of their efforts to find qualified buyers. We realized we would not have been able to get our sale offer in front of as many people on our own. Ultimately, they helped close a deal for us that surpassed expectations and provided a foundation for us and the buyer to have a smooth, convivial transition.
Del Elgersma
Del ElgersmaLawyer
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I have had the pleasure of working with Mike and Keith on several business acquisition transactions. When they are involved, the chances of the deal closing successfully, with both sides happy, are greatly increased. As experts in the business acquisition and sale process, they ensure that their clients are prepared for a successful deal: legally, financially and emotionally. Their collaborative approach is effective and helps ensure that both sides are satisfied with the end result. In this book they share their expertise and passion for concluding a successful deal. It is a must-read for anyone considering buying or selling a business in British Columbia.
GunterBusiness Seller
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After 25 years in a retail business built on relationships, we decided it was time for less work and more play. We contacted Chinook and quickly signed a contract to sell the business. Mike and Keith understood the challenges of our business and quickly brought us two potential buyers. After accepting one of two offers, we exchanged details and with the help of our accountant and lawyer a deal was struck. We were impressed with the support in dealing with the staff and their concerns, and ensuring that the buyers understood the nature of the business, in addition to setting up meetings to inform the buyers on how the day to day business runs and the duties they would need to manage. There was very little disruption to our daily routine and a workable and easy transition ensued. We were impressed with Mike and Keith’s extensive knowledge and great communication skills with regards to aspects of the business transition which we could not have negotiated alone.
Joel Sparks
Joel SparksBusiness Seller
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Over the years, I've used Chinook to sell 2 of my Island based businesses. Both times a buyer was secured within 2 weeks of listing and both times the businesses were not a going concern. What a relief it was to have an exit presented so quickly and from such qualified buyers. Throughout the discovery process, Chinook persistently nudged it along never losing momentum, finding and showing value where I had never thought to look, and me walking away with top dollar. I am a very satisfied repeat client and recommend using Chinook Business Brokers.
Aaron McEwan
Aaron McEwanBusiness Buyer
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I would strongly recommend getting in touch with team at Chinook M&A in Victoria BC, to help you with selling your business or acquiring one. I worked with Morgan & Keith directly on various projects and was 100% satisfied with them and will continue seeking other opportunities within their firm. Their professionalism, ability to look out for my best interest and above all else, their confidentiality, were among the things I appreciated the most!
BillBusiness Seller
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I worked with Mike over a two year period and was very pleased with his dedication and professionalism to ensure my business was properly prepared prior to listing it and worked with me every step of the way until a sale was completed. We achieved our selling price and got the business listing in front of a lot more buyers than we could have ever hoped to do on our own. I would recommend the services Chinook provides and use them again.
Ferris Stirling
Ferris StirlingCommunity Futures
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I worked with Ramon many times over the years for business deals and always appreciate our partnerships. The information he provides is always very thorough which helps with quick turnarounds and happy clients. Our mutual clients have always appreciated how Ramon is up front in how things will proceed going forward. He looks for solutions to problems and is very resourceful on helping get things done.

Thank you for all your efforts and assistance, Mike. Having you as an intermediary made a big difference in our discussions. We appreciated your professionalism and humour. Looking forward to working with you soon as we are actively looking to acquire assets from an independent advisor.

Penny Lehan
Penny LehanLawyer
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I have worked with Keith and Mike on several business transactions and I have found them to be honest, knowledgeable, and attentive to the needs of both buyer and seller. Their structuring and understanding of both the business and financial sides of transactions are comprehensive. By setting realistic expectations and using their expertise in business acquisitions, Keith and Mike have the ability to negotiate through various stages of a transaction to keep all parties moving forward to achieve a successful closing. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is considering buying or selling a business.
Darrel Degelman
Darrel DegelmanBusiness Buyer
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My wife and I are serial entrepreneurs and over the course of the last 18 years we have been involved in either the purchase or sale of a business 13 times, with 11 successful outcomes. One would think that after so many transactions that there would be no need for a business broker as we would have the experience to do this ourselves. In fact, my experience also extends to spending 18 months working with Keith & Mike as a business broker helping others do exactly what Keith and Mike have been doing for years, helping their clients maximize the value of their business while working to ensure that all parties in the transaction get the desired result. Although I enjoyed the experience of being a business broker the draw of being an entrepreneurs too strong and my wife and I decided we needed to once again be entrepreneur’s. Armed with all of our experience this is when we set out to purchase our new business and I felt we didn’t need the assistance of a business broker, after all, I had just been one so how hard could it be to complete my own transaction. After two failed attempts to purchase a business acting on our own, we have since purchase a business in less then 30 days with Mike’s help. When I look back on why we failed to complete the transactions without a business broker I realized that buying/selling a business is highly emotional and complicated for both parties, and having an intermediary to explain the various perspectives and complexities to either party is crucial. I can honestly say that Keith and Mike are two of the best people I know at working with clients to ensure both parties achieve their desired result.
Derek and Jeff
Derek and JeffBusiness Sellers
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My partner and I knew that in order to sell our business and do so in a safe and profitable way, that we couldn't do it alone. After connecting with Mike and Keith of Chinook Brokers, we knew we were in the right hands. Between the two of their expertise, knowledge base, and past experience, we felt taken care of and also amazed by how much we didn't know and how much we really couldn't have done it without them. Relationship wise, we enjoyed our time together which is an important way for us to do business. Financially they took us to profits we couldn't have achieved on our own. Not only did their expertise, communication, and negotiation skills help in doing so, but also in connecting us to the right accounting and legal teams. These men know the gratitude we have for them and we can only hope you'd choose to be supported and mentored by them in the sale of your business as well. I hope that is in line with what you were hoping to have written, if not please let me know and I will edit and reply!
Joey Smith
Joey SmithBusiness Development Corporation
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I've worked with Keith and the Chinook team on multiple transactions over the last few years. In each case, Keith specializes in bringing qualified buyers to the table. His understanding of our financing requirements makes our job easier. Keith surrounds himself with experts to ensure that his clients are fully cognizant of all the potential risks but also understand the rewards of any proposed deal. We look forward to working with him and Mike on many more business acquisitions.
Don Beatty
Don BeattyBusiness Seller
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Mike, I wanted to reach out to let you know how happy I am with how this sale all worked out. This has been a lot more work that I ever imagined, but totally worth it and necessary. More importantly, I know this whole thing wouldn’t have happened without your guidance, patience, knowledge and straight up fair and honest manner. Thank you.
StephenBusiness Seller
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It’s funny how as a business owner you try to make logical professional choices but when it comes to the biggest decision you will ever make logic gets replaced with emotion which any entrepreneur will tell you is bad business. After building our business over 27 years the decision to sell did not come easily. So, to turn around and hand that task over to a complete stranger was not something I felt the least bit comfortable doing. Well, I have to say that after my first meeting with Keith I not only felt comfortable I actual felt confident that he was the right person to see this through. His calm demeanour, straight talk, and vast knowledge impressed me, and I never looked back. Keith followed up with an impressive valuation giving me lots of options and making sense of how a company is truly valued. Where Keith shined though was how he vetted prospected buyers making sure only serious people went to the next level. In the end, I could not have been happier with the results. I can without a doubt state that the best business decision I made was choosing Keith as our broker and would strongly recommend Chinook Business Brokers to anyone.
Jason Brice
Jason BriceBusiness Seller
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I have had the pleasure of working with Keith at Chinook, and found him to be of utmost professionalism and integrity. He was responsive and accurate throughout the deal. I look forward to hopefully working with him on another business resale.

Very pleased with Chinook in the sale of our business. It was very complicated, but Keith and Morgan were able to come up with a plan and a buyer right away. Everyone is happy!

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