“I engaged Keith to help sell my business after meeting him as a customer in my flower shop. We got along well immediately and continued to do so throughout the course of our business relationship. He listened to my wishes, and despite being specific about what kind of sale I wanted to make, he succeeded in delivering a viable buyer who really wanted to buy what I wanted to sell. Keith’s service level is very personal while being professional, and I would recommend him to anyone in the area whose wanting good results with the sale of their business. Thanks Keith!”


“It’s funny how as a business owner you try to make logical professional choices but when it comes to the biggest decision you will ever make logic gets replaced with emotion which any entrepreneur will tell you is bad business. After building our business over 27 years the decision to sell did not come easily. So to turn around and hand that task over to a complete stranger was not something I felt the least bit comfortable doing. Well, I have to say that after my first meeting with Keith I not only felt comfortable I actually felt confident that he was the right person to see this through. His calm demeanor, straight talk, and vast knowledge impressed me and I never looked back. Keith followed up with an impressive valuation giving me lots of options and making sense of how a company is truly valued. Where Keith shined though was how he vetted prospected buyers making sure only serious people went to the next level. In the end, I could not have been happier with the results. I can without a doubt state that the best business decision I made was choosing Keith as our broker and would strongly recommend Chinook Business Brokers to anyone.”

“The sale of the family business was lengthy–about 1 1/2 yrs to closing. Throughout the process I found Mike to be:

Professional, yet personable;
Knowledgeable and well connected;
Ethical and trustworthy;
With you to the end; and
Worth every dollar he earns.
Well done, and I salute you — ebitda!!!”
-Alison S., Victoria


“I recently hired Keith MacKenzie of Chinook Business Brokers to handle the sale of my business. I was extremely happy with Keith’s professionalism and his ability to bring qualified, pre-screened buyers to the table. He was able to get several signed offers for me which allowed me the luxury of closing the sale with the party with the best chance of growing the business further. Keith’s best asset is his ability to work with the buyer and seller to a mutually beneficial and fair deal for both parties. He understands the numbers very well and was able to understand the working parts of my business very quickly- which of course enabled him to find suitable candidates from his impressive pool of buyers. ”


“I engaged Mike to sell my business… Mike was thoroughly professional and communicative throughout the sale process… was able to obtain a qualified buyer in a reasonable time frame. I cannot recommend Mike enough due to his perseverance, dedication, broad industry contacts, and business acumen. Thanks again!”

-Paul W., Business Owner, Victoria

“Keith MacKenzie understands the numbers very well and was able to understand the working parts of my business very quickly- which of course enabled him to find suitable candidates from his impressive pool of buyers.”


“My dealings with Mike while only the one business sale… were very positive at all times. I must point out that the transaction was successful. That in itself speaks volumes. Well done sir and I hope to have the privilege of working with you in the future.”

– Edgil. N., CGA, Victoria, BC

“The process of selling a business is complicated but Keith was always there to ensure that my best interests were taken care of. Keith is worth every penny of his brokerage fee and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone looking to sell any type of business. I was extremely happy with Keith’s professionalism and his ability to bring qualified. Thanks again Keith!”


“Mike possesses that rare combination of Mensa-level intelligence, great intuition and the ability to laugh at himself. I would eagerly partner with Mike on any endeavour from building an ark to staging a musical to taking over the world. You are in good hands with this guy!”

-Dr. Marven H. Krug, E-commerce Entrepreneur, Brooklyn, New York

“Mike is reliable, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

-Peter. B., CA, Nanaimo, BC

“In business, it is all about character. Mike is character. Always genuine and honest with that rare balance of hard work, professionalism and fun in all his dealings”

-Rob Mc., Entrepreneur, Victoria, BC

“In the summer of 2012 my wife and I engaged the services of Mike Lenz to sell our business. It was quickly obvious that we made the right decision. Mike was clearly knowledgeable, experienced and sensible in these affairs.”

-Dave H., Victoria, Business Owner, BC

“Mike was a rock through the ups and downs of our pursuit of a buyer. His calm and cool was appreciated. It was clear he had been down the road before. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike to anyone as the professional to handle the sale of his or her business.”

-Dave H., Business Owner, Victoria, BC

“Mike is easy to work with and knows his stuff.”

-Karen B. Entrepreneur, Victoria

“Mike’s work is thorough, professional and insightful.”

-Chris B. Banker, Victoria

“Mike Lenz has the training, tools and hard-won experience as a business intermediary to guide a business owner through a sale or business succession process. He knows buyers and knows what needs to be done on the buyer side as well. He’s one of only a few in the field who see the whole picture and can put meaningful change into motion for small/medium business owners or buyers.”

-Rob M., Lawyer, Victoria

“I have worked with and for Mike on several occasions. I had not had much success using business salespersons before meeting Mike. He is knowledgable, direct, forthright, and effective in putting the puck in the net for vendor or purchaser. His experience is extensive, and he understands business and numbers. I endorse him to you.”

-Greg H. Lawyer, Victoria


“I appreciate Mike’s incisive understanding and assessment of our business. He is excellent at distilling information down to what is most important and in bringing focus to solutions. A pleasure working with him.”

-Lorna K. Business Owner, Victoria


“H&C worked with Mike Lenz in 2013.

First he analyzed our business to attain its Most Probable Selling Price along with a Value Driver Report. He then helped us put together a business plan we successfully presented to the Business Development Bank of Canada.

In both instances, our company found an ease of communication style. Mike listens attentively. He works on the issues requested with diligence. He suggests new ways of viewing problems and then offers concrete means to help solve them.

Our business is in a much better position financially and structurally thanks to the professional “coaching” it received from Mike Lenz. We would highly recommend his services to any other company.”

-Bill Finley, Hemp & Company, Victoria

“I went to Mike for a business valuation and I got so much more. I was fascinated by the way he went about the valuation from so many different angles. It gave me confidence that what he was telling me was accurate. I felt he had good experience in valuation, business sales and coaching. I will definitely be making Mike part of my team for future endeavours .”

-Jaimie, P, Alert First-Aid, Victoria, BC

“I would like to thank you so much for all the diligent work you did in representing me for the sale of the business. Thank you!!”

-Virna T. Victoria, BC

“My partner and I contacted Mike this year, curious about our business options, and we received much more than expected. Mike took the time to conduct a thorough and insightful assessment of our business, and laid out several ways in which we could confidently move forward. At the same time, his well-designed program helped us think long and hard about our current operation and future ambitions. As an operator, seller and buyer of businesses, Mike’s advice is well grounded in experience, his personal approach is down-to-earth and respectful. No matter which direction our entrepreneurial ambitions take us, Mike is sure to become our most trusted adviser.”

-Ian Cromack, The Good Planet Company, Victoria, BC

“Mike, thank you very much your assistance in brokering the recent sale of my store. Your experience as a business owner and one who has both bought and sold businesses was valuable to me through the process. This, coupled with your patience and re-focus as was needed from time to time during the challenging moments along the road allowed for a successful sale at full price”

-B.H. Victoria, BC