Keith MacKenzie

Founder & CEO, Managing Broker

In addition to being a successful business owner, Keith attended Royal Roads University (RRU) in the Executive MBA program. His final project focused on exploring the succession pathways available to business owners on Vancouver Island. He uses the results of that research on a daily basis, working creatively with buyers and sellers to structure traditional and non-traditional transactions. 

During his time at RRU, Keith was the Entrepreneur in Residence and remains active as a panelist and mentor for students in RRU’s Bachelor of Commerce program.
Keith founded Chinook because he loves small business and wanted to help business owners successfully transition to the next stage of their life. He believes business owners truly are a breed apart and is always grateful when a client affords him the opportunity to help with a transaction.


Mike Lenz

Business Intermediary

A successful entrepreneur and broadly engaged human being, Mike Lenz founded two companies and purchased three more before starting his career as a business intermediary in 2005. His biggest endeavor was a printing company in Toronto. He bought a tiny shop in a downtown basement with antiquated equipment doing a few hundred thousand in annual revenues. In his 10 years at the helm the company grew into a dynamic, modern operation with sales of more than $5,000,000 and a staff of 25. In addition to helping people buy and sell businesses, Mike also lends his considerable expertise to business owners in helping them analyze operations, understand value drivers, develop and implement business plans for reasons from improved performance and ease of management, to securing financing for business growth and ultimately to achieve maximum value in a business sale. 

After many years of service, Mike still goes to work excited with the opportunity to help people see their business and personal aspirations become reality. Each day he looks forward to sharing his experience, training, insight, wisdom, passion and patience in the service of his clients. 

Morgan Tate

Prior to joining Chinook Morgan was the 3rd employee at Pani Energy, one of the world’s top water technology start-ups. Morgan wore multiple hats at Pani Energy, helping raise capital and acquire first customers. Understanding the operational difficulties that can plague a small business, Morgan is passionate about helping business owners pave the way to successful business exits. 

Morgan is a graduate of the University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business where he specialized in entrepreneurship. 

morgan tate

Phil Doublet 

Phil Doublet is an accomplished Senior Executive, Business Advisor, Consultant, and Director with over 30 years of success across many industries. These include manufacturing, high technology, professional services, and higher education. Leveraging extensive experience with developing and implementing strategic marketing to increase revenue and profitability, he helps companies drive growth, both organically and through M&A. His broad areas of expertise include business coaching/consulting/advisory services, board governance, and marketing and sales strategies. He has personally founded, managed and sold a number of businesses. 

He earned a B.Sc. in Engineering, and subsequent training in business, finance, people management and IT, including an EMD (Exempt Market Dealer) finance certification. As a seasoned Board Member, he has held numerous Board positions for private, public and not-forprofit organizations including DeVry Canada, AICML, ApartmentLove and Critical Control, and he is currently the Board Chair for 3 private technology companies. 

Strong written and verbal communication skills with a proven ability to go beyond the numbers to clearly identify and articulate complex issues, makes Phil a very strong addition to our team. Based in Victoria, Phil enjoys travel, reading, investing and golf. He is married with two adult children.