Raising Capital Process

We help craft your financing story and assess your business model.

  • Review financial model and remaining documentation in company data room
  • Draft documentation required for distribution
  • Craft financing story to maximize the interest in your company
  • Complete 1-pager and reach out materials
  • Finalize investor list

Distribute materials to investors, conduct investor calls, and get early indications of interest.

  • Distribute materials to agreed investors
  • Conduct Investor/Lender screening calls
  • Share financial model and data room
  • Management calls as second step as needed
  • Refine list of interested parties


Receive term sheets and negotiate terms.

  • Receive indicative interest from parties
  • Overview of offers and deal terms
  • Negotiation on specific terms to maximize value

Complete shareholder agreement processes for transfer of funds and confirmatory diligence.

  • Follow require shareholder agreement processes to complete transaction 
  • Complete confirmatory, including legal and due diligence 
  • Work with appointed legal counsel on execution
  • Review transaction documentation 
  • Arrange payment and transaction completion

Our Role

Document Preparation

  • Review financial model and materials
  • Prepare distribution of materials to investors
  • Support with set-up of data room

Coach Management Team

  • Support for preparation of management presentation
  • Tailored information of key elements on which investors focus

Coordinate Transaction

  • Execution of reach out and full process execution
  • Manage interaction with investors and valuation discussions
  • Negotiate term sheets and manage execution process with legal ​

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