Personal Financial Transition – A Free Assessment

Personal Financial Transition – A Free Assessment

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Knowing both your current and possible future financial standing is of paramount importance. At Chinook we are lucky to have Darrel Degelman on our team making it possible to offer, at no cost to you, an objective look at how the sale of your business will impact your finances going forward. Because Darrel is not promoting any financial products, he can give you an opinion based on your best interest with no other agendas at play.

Darrel has over 13 years of investment and financial planning experience working with the Big Five banks and has obtained multiple financial planning designations (CFP, FMA, CIM, FCSI, and PFP). In his time with these institutions, Darrel worked with owners of many small and medium-sized businesses to assist in the succession and financial planning side of their business sales. At Chinook, we realize that selling your business can be one of the largest financial decisions you can make. While we also recognize that in most every case entrepreneurs have trusted advisors in the investment/succession and retirement planning space, sometimes peace of mind requires a second opinion.

Darrel would be happy to sit down and review your current investment portfolio and retirement/financial plan and provide a second opinion. His experience and background equips him to suggest changes or identify questions for your advisors, or to begin helping you through the process of building these essential plans if you haven’t already done so.

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