Never Double Dip!

Never Double Dip!

Dollar symbol in hands

Many people in our industry like to do what is known as double ending a deal: they represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction. This allows them to earn all the commission fees associated with the transaction. We understand that the broker or intermediary’s prime role is to help buyer and seller come together in some sort of compromise that can work for both parties. The seller would like to get as much as they can for their business. The buyer would like to pay as little as possible for that business. Somewhere in between those positions is a compromise of price and terms that can satisfy both parties.

To get to that position without someone totally dedicated to your side of the negotiation is more difficult. It is not possible to serve two masters equally well.

That is why at Chinook we always assign another broker to the transaction so there is one individual working solely on behalf of the seller and another dedicated to the buyer.

We share our commissions in order to help ourselves serve all our clients to the very best of our abilities. No compromise.