In most cases, potential buyers find it useful to explore different financing options as they get closer to an acquisition. Chinook Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Brokerage works with many different lending agencies. Based on the type of business being acquired and the strength of the Buyer we recommend the most appropriate resource.

Chinook has strong relationships with many of the lenders on Vancouver Island and will provide introductions and help manage document transfer between all parties.

In the event that the business has a strong asset base or exceptional cash flow, traditional lenders will offer small business financing:

If the Business does not have a strong asset base or is not a suitable candidate for the chartered banks other options include:

  • Credit Unions
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Community Futures
  • Women’s Enterprise Centre
  • Private Lenders
  • Friends and Family

Vendor Financing

One of the best sources of Business Acquisition Financing is from the Seller themselves. When the current owner offers the new owner a loan to help with a purchase and sale, it is termed a Vendor Take Back (VTB) Loan.

These loans are negotiated between the Buyer and the Seller and can vary from 5% to 50% of the purchase price.