5 Ways to Improve Profitability

CHINOOK BUSINESS ADVISORY | JANUARY 2022 Every single business at one point or another wants to improve their profitability. Whether this is after your kickstarter year when just trying to get the ball rolling, or 30 years down the line looking for new tips and tricks. Most often, business owners think “well, to gain profit, […]

Your Money or Your Life

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, buinesses have found new ways to establish their business and keep things alive. The pandemic caused chaos for so many businesses around the globe, that the owners and operators took immediate action. They had to prepare for not the worst, but the best-case scenario. They began taking the precautions of preparing […]

What You See Is What You Get

So, what is Chinook about anyway? ARTICLE BY BREANNE EPOCH | 2021 Real Talk: When I joined the Chinook team 4 months ago, I didn’t know much about who they were or what they did. Before my interview, I spent about an hour researching the website, studying their pictures and personal information and googling what […]

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Exit

You’re ready to sell your business. But wait – YOU are your business. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve built a business that would collapse without you at the helm. How do you remove yourself from your baby? You spent countless hours creating, grooming, building networks, establishing the business from the ground up. You are […]

5 Reasons to Use a Business Broker

If you are thinking about selling your business, you may be considering whether or not to engage the services of a business broker. By working with a business broker, you will be more likely to sell your business confidentially, at a higher price, and to better qualified buyers. Consider these five reasons business brokers improve […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Small Business

Proper planning can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. Article by DEBBIE ALLEN Every day small business owners make drastic mistakes when selling their business and lose thousands of dollars in the process. All their hard work and long-term investment goes down the drain. These mistakes are often easily avoidable. As entrepreneurs, they had once dreamed of […]

Busting The 10 Biggest Small Business Myths

Unfortunately, small business owners believe a lot of myths about how to run their companies. These are things they assume to be true, but when put into practice, simply don’t work. Here are the top ten business myths, and the truth about each of them. 1. The customer is always right. If the customer was […]

Three Small Business Ownership Myths Debunked

As business brokers, we often hear that people’s dreams are to be their own boss. Making money doing something you love and grow through your own efforts is one of the most common desires of someone purusing the entrepreneurial dream. Here’s the thing—many people are too afraid to pursue business ownership because they have have […]

5 Things to Remember About Business Goals

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” – Lawrence J. Peter According to a landmark Harvard study[1], setting goals and writing down your business objectives enhances your motivation and increases your likelihood of success. Moreover, companies that had written objectives showed a 700 percent increase in growth […]

How To Scale Up Your Service Business

Cropped image of a businessman explaining tactics on a white to

Increase the value of your company by training others in your area of expertise. It can be tough to grow a service business. Clients are typically buying your expertise, and if all you have to sell is time, the size of your business will always be limited by the number of hours in your day. One […]