Buy Side Services

Buy Side Services

At Chinook we assist prospective purchasers who have identified an opportunity they are interested in pursuing.

Chinook maintains a purchaser database that we use to present business opportunities preferentially to those on our prospective purchaser list. These prospective purchasers have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with Chinook and have verified their financial capabilities.

Main street business acquisitions are primarily driven by business owners who hire brokers to help them sell their businesses. Interestingly, larger business transactions are driven by buyers looking for businesses that meet their criteria.

Many prospective purchasers have been trying to find the perfect business for years. They scour websites and review scores of business profiles but never seem able to find an opportunity that makes sense.

Over the last few years, Chinook has developed a buyer agency program where serious purchasers work with a dedicated intermediary to find the most suitable option: we call it the Business Buyer Program. This transformative program changes the brokerage model by requiring an up-front fee from the purchaser. We understand that this is a novel approach, but to date every client that entrusted our team with this option became a business owner.

The Business Buyer Program

The Business Buyer Program profoundly affects the buyer’s control over market situations and their relationship with business sellers. The program is six months long, and has a moderate cost which obligates Chinook to specific tasks and duties. It is a guarantee of performance.

The Business Buyer Program is a personalized, customized program of buyer benefits offering a confidential service that:

  • helps specify “the” business to buy,
  • identifies your strengths as well as areas needing attention,
  • shows how others see you, how you see yourself, and how you really are,
  • produces a Buyer Package to market to sellers,
  • locates and investigates businesses that are not listed for sale,
  • contacts normally 10 to 20 companies or advisors per week,
  • provides on-site inspection of prospects,
  • qualifies and reviews candidate businesses,
  • suggests company values, purchase structure considerations, and due diligence documents for the buyer and the buyer’s advisors, and
  • assists in negotiation with buyer’s selected candidate to reach a successful close and transfer of ownership.

Chinook’s Business Buyer Program provides a competitive advantage over the hundreds of other buyers with more money and more resources in the market competing with you for the best businesses. It saves time and makes positive things happen.

The model is new to the lower end (financially) of the business transaction marketplace but it sets a new standard for the way businesses should be purchased. It is not for everyone, but we are confident it will continue to benefit forward-thinking buyers.

We invite you to ask us for more details, about fee schedules, or to join our mailing list.

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