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Buy a Business

Our Commitment

New small businessWe understand that small business owners are a breed apart. Their entrepreneurship, work ethic and accountability are the economic engine that drives this country. But even with years of experience owning or managing a company, most business owners have never bought or sold a business. Therefore, they need the guidance of an honest, ethical professional business broker. At Chinook Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Brokerage, we maintain the highest standards in business and personal integrity.

Chinook works with business buyers and sellers to create a non-adversarial arena in which the seller receives a fair price for their business and the buyer can acquire a business where he can realize a return on his investment.

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How a Broker Helps You Buy a Business

People working at tableFor most people, buying or selling a business is a once in a lifetime transaction. Just like any other major life decision, using an experienced, qualified professional to help manage the process will relieve many of the stresses associated with this type of life-changing event. At Chinook, we don’t replace your existing professional support, instead we work in partnership with your current legal counsel and accountant. We understand that each professional adviser has a role to play in the transaction, in our view the role of a Business Broker is to:

  • Ensure confidentiality from the beginning to the end of the relationship
  • Provide a comprehensive strategy for purchasing
  • Assist you in finding the business you desire
  • Provide an accurate assessment of financial qualification
  • Provide access to listings and information not normally available
  • Navigate the paperwork
  • Complete the purchase

Along the way, there are normally a multitude of hurdles before finalizing a business sale and acquisition. We believe our job is anticipate and overcome these hurdles.