About Us

About Us

Chinook Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Brokerage is a full-service business brokerage offering businesses for sale on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, the lower mainland and across BC into Alberta. We specialize in the valuation, packaging, marketing and selling of existing business opportunities, new business opportunities, and franchise opportunities.

Chinook provides comprehensive personal support to our clients through every stage of the transaction. From the initial business valuation, through the due diligence process, to signing the final documents, Chinook Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Brokerage offers guidance every step of the way.

Astute business owners can take advantage for Chinook’s comprehensive, long-term approach of working with them to prepare their business to be a valuable and desirable acquisition when the time to sell arrives.

We create an environment where you can access the information necessary to make decisions, enabling you to maximize your investment and minimize your risk.

Our Story

Founder Keith MacKenzie started his first company when he was 18 years old, and in the years following that first successful endeavor he has been a principal or manager in at least a dozen businesses.  Following the sale of his last start-up to a multi-national drilling contractor, Keith and his family left their whirlwind lifestyle in Calgary behind, settling in the gentler confines of Vancouver. It was there that Keith founded Chinook Business Brokers in 2011.

Like his previous business ventures, Chinook Business Brokers became a success. Keith soon found himself looking for a broker to join him in meeting the need for the high-level professional business brokerage services Chinook offered. When he met Mike Lenz, a fellow business success story, he knew he had found the perfect fit. Having navigated clients through dozens of successful transactions, Mike brought a decade of experience as a business intermediary and small business coach, as well as certifications in business analysis and business planning.

As Chinook continued to expand to help more business owners achieve their dreams, another transplant from Calgary, Darrell Degelman, arrived on Vancouver Island. Upon meeting Darrell, Keith and Mike recognized that his combined investment background, success in small business, and background in estate and succession planning would complete the team, and result in an unparalleled set of skills and knowledge available to Chinook’s clients.