The Benefit of Waiting for the Right Business

We had the chance to speak with Greg and Melanie Chadwick, the buyers of Graham’s Jewellers, and ask them what they plan to do with their new business.

As previous business owners, Greg and Melanie were on the hunt for a second business within the Comox Valley when they came across Chinook Business Advisory’s listing for Graham’s Jewellers. Melanie knew that their next business venture would be in the retail space and always had a special interest in jewellery. Therefore when the listing was presented to the public, Melanie became interested in learning what store was going to be competing with the historic and well-renowned Graham’s Jewellers. 

Come to find out it was Graham’s that was for sale, Melanie knew this was her opportunity to join the retail jewellery industry under an already highly acclaimed name. Greg said that “Melanie saw the advertisement and sent it to him, and he thought ‘oh, what a neat idea’ and she said, ‘no we are doing this! We have to get the ball rolling immediately.’” And thus the transaction began. The couple found the listing in March and Ramon Ramirez worked quickly and the store was theirs by July. Timing played a large role in the sale of this business, as the couple says that “Graham’s was an opportunity that came to us at just the right time.”

Since purchasing the store, Greg and Melanie have undertaken some large renovations such as updating the flooring, painting the floor and ceiling, and are currently creating an ecommerce store. They have also begun updating the stores technology, creating active social media sites, and adding wallpaper to brighten up the retail space. Countless days of work have already been put into the store, during the evenings and weekends, so that Graham’s Jewellers could remain open during the construction. Although they have changed certain aspects of the retail space, the beloved clock will remain a part of Courtenay, and Graham’s Jewellers branding, for years to come. When asked if they planned on keeping the name, the couple said, “the brand is so strong in the community, so we don’t want to mess with that.” 

Greg and Melanie are now thinking of selling their previous business in order to put all of their efforts into making Graham’s their dream come true. Melanie works in the store each day and Greg joins her each evening to help with the renovations. They said that this entire process “is exciting, it’s challenging, and it’s just fun!”

Buying a historic and well-known business, such as Graham’s Jewellers, can be intimidating. Although successful previously, we know that Greg and Melanie are going to continue the Graham’s legacy for years to come. If you would like to read all about the history of Graham’s, check out our previous blog here.

Make sure to check out their Instagram page for the latest news regarding the business. 

We can’t wait to see what becomes of your newly renovated business Greg and Melanie! 

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